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This is a "sister" site to Twisted Orchids.  I'm branching out because during my course in practicing and interacting with other individuals, I've encountered some entities that I've had no choice but to handle.  

I personally have no interest in keeping demons, though I do have a few.  I know there are some who are eager to jump into the murky pools of darkness and hell.

That being said, These that I offer are TRUE demons.  Not some sexy, horned lovers, but actual demons who gain pleasure from chaos, mayhem, tragedy, and destruction.

They are securely bound, but they are no joke.  They aren't softies who will fall in love or roll over to have their tummies rubbed.  They will also not tolerate lazy assed keepers; they WILL destroy you if you don't take care.

At this time, I only have three available.  I have another four being bound currently and won't be ready for maybe a month or two ( it is currently 5/18/20).  I will list those when they are ready.

If you have any questions, you can email me through the website contact info below.  

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I will have a couple of other sites coming up with different types of spirits/entities.  I think these will be a delight as well.  I can't wait to showcase them.

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