Only a few available at this time.  Please remember, these are REAL demons.  Don't jump in the ocean if you don't know how to swim.

If you are interested, send me an email, and I will send you an invoice through Paypal.  There is no holding.  It's only yours once you've paid.  First come, first served.

void demon



 Only called that because his vessel doesn’t have a stone, and he prefers it that way. It makes me think

of a void. The ring is not sterling silver. I think it’s copper with silver overlay. It’s not antique, but it

looks it. Small size, maybe a 5.

This is an arrogant, swaggering, sneering, condescending asshole, and he takes great pride in that. He

can do so much for his keeper. Revenge, wealth, kill. He can’t do immortality, and he won’t do love.

Lust maybe, but he’s not for icky soft shit. He does magic, fights, protects. But you better watch your

back and not piss him off. He may not rip you apart, but he’s a conniving bastard that will let you fail

until you set things right.

Note: He IS a DEMON. This is not a game. You can very well build a great relationship, but don’t ever

forget his natural inclination is destruction, death.

it's always the quiet ones



Tear drop laboradite pendant, medium sized. I had to do to an extra binding on this guy. 

He’s very calm and quiet, and manipulative, observant, and completely psychotic. His binding now does not allow him to manipulate his keeper or the keeper’s family. We don’t need him encouraging serial killing tendencies, because that is what he’s about. He only does revenge, but he might have encouraged

revenged for imagined slights. The more he can do damage, the better for him, as he IS a demon.

He is VERY DANGEROUS! I don’t even know if he should be rehomed because it could be a disaster.  Apparently I AM listing him, but YOU will accept the risks on your own.

The Smart one



This guy is smart, creative, and powerful. He can grant immortality, wealth,

revenge, most of everything. 

Doesn’t mean he’s going to do it. 

He’s not a slave and won’t necessarily be obedient. He WILL be loyal, but he will make his own decision in getting you want you want. I imagine it could be a mutually beneficial relationship if his keeper doesn’t try to command him.